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About US

Otay Pet Vets is a Premier Service veterinary hospital; Doctor Anderson, owner and medical director brings decades of experience to this magnificent facility. We aspire to provide superior service for your pet's health care and to exceed your expectations. Our approach is simple, we partner with you for the well-being of your pet.

Our core values are to provide the best patient and client centered care, rising above client expectations, with a revolutionary approach to customer service, abiding by the highest level of ethical and professional AAHA practice standards.


Meet our talented and compassionate Veterinarians


Cecily Bonadio


David Demner

DVM, DACVS (Board certified Veterinary Surgeon)


Steve Culver 
Practice Manager

Steve is a native San Diegan with a passion for animals. As a child, he would be exposed to the art of falconry and bird husbandry through his fathers hobby. Later, Steve would start his animal career at a small animal practice in Ramona. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in 1994 and his Registered Veterinary Technician license in 1995. In 1999, Steve would start a lengthy career at the San Diego Zoo’s Harter Veterinary Hospital. During his 16 year tenure, he would obtain his teaching credential and mentor students in the topic of veterinary medicine. He published two books on the subject; one on companion medicine and the other relating to exotics. Steve would eventually leave the Zoo and begin his passion for teaching the subject that he spent so many years performing clinically. Teaching led him to PIMA Medical Institute and eventually into hospital management. Steve spent several years managing and mentoring veterinary teams in busy specialty hospitals until he found Otay Pet Vets to call his home. Steve spends his free time surfing and taking his white boxer “Boss” to the beach or on hikes with his partner Adriana.

Monique OM.jpg
Office Manager

Monique grew up in Chula Vista. She always knew she wanted to work in the veterinary field since she was very young. When the opportunity arose, Monique started as a CSR & moved her way up to management. She is now the Office Manager of our hospital. Monique has a 15 year old miniature poodle named Sammie. During her free-time, Monique likes to read books, take walks around the lake to feed ducks/turtles, and spend time with her boyfriend and 10 year old daughter. She loves Italian food and loves to try new cooking recipes.

Administrative Assistant

Chloe was born in Baja California, Mexico and moved to San Diego, CA during her early adolescence. She earned a B.A. in Liberal Studies from San Diego State University. She is now very excited to be the newest administrative assistant for Team Otay Pet Vets! When she's not at the hospital helping her OPV Team, you might find her eating tacos on the beach or steadily hiking at a local trail. Chloe is also an avid board game player and will often opt for the pink or yellow player pieces.

Client Services Team

Alondra CSR.JPG

Alondra is a San Diego native who is fluent in both english and spanish. She received her bachelors degree from San Francisco State University and is continuing her education to become a veterinary technician. She has had pets all throughout her life including dogs, cats, chickens, and goats and has always been very passionate about animals since a very young age.

Eileen CSR.jpg

Eileen is a Dog Mom to a Dachshund named Penny. She has lived in Alaska and currently resides in San Diego. She is a Vet Assistant, BLS Certified, BBP Certified, Healthcare CPR Certified, Royal Canin Dog / Cat Nutrition Certified, Owner of a Pet sitting Business, 8+ years in the Veterinary field, and has worked in Management for Sharp Hospital. She is currently a Customer Service Representative. Eileen enjoys photography, card games, weekend road trips with friends, getting her nails done, and finding new boba shops. She also designs and creates sticker decals.


Sofia grew up in TJ and was born in National City. She has two American Eskimos named Simon and River and also two cats named Mao and Sophie. Sofia is a Music Education major and has worked in the Customer Service industry for eight years. She is currently a Customer Service Representative for our clinic. She is also in a competitive dance team. Sofia likes playing with her pets, finding new music to listen to, and plays piano and cello. Her favorite foods are tacos and sushi. Sofia has traveled to Brazil and Israel and likes learning new languages.


New Bio Coming Soon

Kirsten CSR.JPG

Kirsten was born and raised in San Diego. She has a 15 year old miniature poodle; her name is Sammie and she has had her since in elementary school. Kirsten’s job as a Customer Service Representative at Otay Pet Vets is her very first. She’s been working here for about two years. She has also been a student at Southwestern College. Kirsten has always been in touch with her creative side. Some of her art pieces have even been showcased at the Del Mar Fair art gallery. Kirsten also used to have six hermit crabs and a crested gecko!

Ariana CSR.JPG

Ariana has a 12 year old pet; her name is Sandy and she’s her favorite. She’s had Sandy since she moved here to the U.S., so she's very special to her. Ariana grew up for the very first years of her life in Tijuana and then came here when she was about 7 years old. She recently received her associate degree in Business Administration and is currently on the path of receiving her bachelor's degree in Business Marketing. She is also working as a Client Service Representative. Ariana enjoys going to the beach to watch the sunset, hanging out with friends as well as her boyfriend, and painting at the park. Her favorite foods are pasta and enchiladas. A fun fact about her is that she’s a lefty!


Laura grew up in San Diego. The most important people to her are her son, boyfriend, mom, siblings, and pets: Concha, Max, Charlie, and Milo. Laura was always curious about animals and what went into taking care of them, which led her to want to work in the vet field. Laura has been in the vet field since 2016. She's been certified twice as a VA by PIMA and Animal Behavior College. She's worked both: regular practice and urgent care as VA and CSR. Laura likes to hangout in her backyard drinking coffee and going on walks; but only after coffee. Right now, her occupation is her 6 month old baby. He is her hobby, talent, prized possession, and all-day activity. But pizza is her secondary pursuit.

Denisse CSR.JPG

Born and raised in San Diego, CA; Denisse mainly goes by Elizabeth. The most important people in her life are her husband and bonus daughter. She has a corgi whose name is Papi. Denisse has an interest in the dental industry, although she also has a love of learning about law and history. She is currently enrolled in both Southwestern College and San Diego Mesa College; whilst also working as a Client Service Representative. In her free time, Denisse loves going to Disneyland, exploring San Diego, playing piano, and trying different coffee shops. She and her husband frequently travel and love to experience different cultures and foods. Her goal is to visit the Seven Wonders of the World.


Nathalia grew up in Tijuana and San Diego. She has one mini poodle, named Justin, and four cats. Nathalia has an interest in becoming an exotics or zoo veterinarian, which led her to start working at Otay Pet Vets. She graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with an emphasis on Pre-Veterinary Science. Nathalia's current position is Client Service Representative. During her free time, she likes going to concerts and museums, going thrifting, listening to music, reading books, and traveling. Nathalia has traveled to London and Paris. Her favorite foods are risotto and tacos.

Registered Veterinary Technicians

Lisa RVT.jpg
Lisa RVT
Clinical Team Supervisor

Lisa was born and raised in Chula Vista; after high school she joined the military where she served in the US Air force until 2014. She has two daughters that are her absolute favorite human beings in the world. Lisa graduated from Pima Medical Institute with her degree as a Veterinary Technician. She passed AZ and CA state licensure tests as well as National testing. Lisa is now the Clinical Team Supervisor for Team OPV. On her days off, Lisa spends her time with her two daughters exploring the city and trying new restaurants. She also loves to read in her spare time.

Krista RVT

New Bio Coming Soon

Joy RVT2.jpg

Joy grew up in Calantas, Calaca, Batangas, Philippines. She has lived in San Diego, CA since 2003. The most important people in her life are her parents, husband, children and siblings. Joy has two pets, Sammie and Kailo. Joy has earned a D.V.M. degree from De La Salle Araneta University and a California R.V.T. licensure. She is currently working as an RVT for OPV. Joy owned a small animal clinic and poultry supply in Cavite, Philippines. She also is an Adult Choir Member at CVCFC. Joy loves to go window shopping, cooking, and eating out with her family. Some of Joy’s favorite foods include: Kare-kare, seafood, and Japanese and Korean food.

Stephanie RVT.JPG
Stephanie RVT

Originally born in New York; Stephanie has lived in San Diego for most of her life. The most important person in her life is her boyfriend of 10 years. They have a cat named Pixie and a dog named Rocko. Stephanie graduated from the vet tech program at Mesa College in May of 2022 and passed the VTNE in July of 2022. She is now an RVT. Stephanie loves going to concerts, collecting records, DJing and playing bass. She also loves dancing and singing.

Veterinary Assistants

Veterinary Assistant Lead

Yael was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Chula Vista. The most important people in her life are her boyfriend and their families. She has four fur babies; three dogs named Bunny, Señor, Dulce, and a cat named Potato. Yaya went to Pima Medical Institute and Graduated as a Veterinary Assistant. She then worked in several veterinary clinics throughout the years having a total of thirteen years of experience in the Vet field. She is now our Veterinary Assistant Lead. She loves living in San Diego and being able to go to the beach any day of the year. Yaya loves taking stunning photos of people and pets. She also enjoys spending time in front of a camera; she models as a hobby.

Bri Tech.jpg

New Bio Coming Soon

Michael VA.jpg

New Bio Coming Soon

Abigail VA_edited.jpg

Abigail grew up in Oceanside, California and moved to Chula Vista 6 years ago when her boyfriend got out of the military. They have two tortoiseshell cats that they adopted. Their cats are the most important things in their lives. Abigail started her animal industry career at 18 years old. She has worked as both a CSR and VA for 9 years. She is currently in school at Penn Foster College to become a registered veterinary technician. She’s an avid reader and enjoys going to the movies on her days off. Abigail spends most of her free time at home with her cats and her boyfriend.


New Bio Coming Soon


New Bio Coming Soon

Angie Tech (1)_edited.jpg

Angie grew up in Imperial Valley, CA and had lived there her whole life up until this year. The most important people in her life are her mom, sisters, and abuelitos. She has two dogs named Rexie and Shotzie, and two cats named Pancake and Fish. Angie has worked in the vet field for six years and has trained with a variety of livestock such as cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, and rabbits since she was five years old. She is now currently a vet assistant here at Otay Pet Vets. Angie likes to weight lift daily, hike the mountains, go to the beach with her dogs and spend time with her family and friends in her free time. She enjoys baking and her favorite food is her abuelitas’ cooking. Angie also loves attending music festivals and concerts.


Born and raised in San Diego, Kacy enjoys making a positive difference in the lives of animals. She gives voices to the ones that are unable to speak. Kacy has two Guinea Pigs, Snow and Daisy, and is currently fostering a kitten named Lucky. Kacy has been a Veterinarian Assistant since 2019. She loves spending time with her family and soaking up the sun. When she’s not at the clinic, you might find her at the gym or with her four year old daughter.

Vania VA_edited.jpg

New Bio Coming Soon

Arianna Tech.jpg

Arianna was born and raised in San Diego, CA. The most important people in her life are her family, her boyfriend of six years, and her fur/scaly babies. A rottweiler named Marge, a chi-weenie named Leonardo (but he goes by Leo), a leopard gecko named Merlin, and a bearded dragon named Max! Arianna always had a passion for animals as a kid and wanted to help as much as she could. She’s now continuing to care for animals as a Veterinary Assistant at Otay Pet Vets. On her days off she likes to play volleyball, go to the beach every chance she can get, spend time with her dogs, go camping, and (her favorite) to attend as many music festivals as she can.

Karen Tech.JPG

Karen is an SDSU student with aspirations to become a veterinarian some day. She has lived in both Tijuana and San Diego. Her compassion and love for animals, as well as a deep desire to learn and educate are the factors that led her to start working at OPV. She is currently an undergraduate student of Biology-zoology at SDSU. They are a learning veterinary assistant. On her days off she enjoys spending time with her dogs, going to school, hitting the gym, spending time with her mom, and calling friends. A fun fact about her is that she loves baking healthy goods. Another fun fact is that during the pandemic, she learned to whistle bird-like.

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