Heatstroke Case Studies in Pets

Finding ways to escape the heat is on everyone’s mind with the recent skyrocketing temperatures, which can cause life threatening issues for pets, as well as people. Our team at Otay Pet Vets asked Luke the Labrador retriever to present heatstroke cases he has witnessed. Luke routinely accompanies his owner, an ambulatory veterinarian, on house [...]

Hospice Care—Providing Your Pet Dignity During Their Final Days

As every pet owner knows, the day will come when you must say goodbye. When an accident occurs and you lose your pet unexpectedly, the situation is difficult. However, when you must watch them decline and decide when they should be euthanized, the process involves uncertainty and guilt, in addition to sadness. The team at [...]

Why is Your Pet Itchy? Three Possible Reasons

Your pet started scratching a few weeks ago. The first week, the scratching was minimal, but now the excessive activity is disrupting the household. Your pet is constantly chewing, rubbing, licking, and scratching. You are annoyed by the disturbance, but know your pet is suffering. The trained veterinary team at Otay Pet Vets tells you [...]

A Tale of Two Hearts: Heartworm Disease and Prevention In Pets

Heartworm disease is a serious condition that can ultimately be fatal for your pet if left untreated. But, treatment can be difficult and, for cats, is nonexistent. Because of the disease severity and treatment challenges, year-round heartworm prevention is critical to keep your furry pal safe from harm. Take a look at Ruby and Diamond’s [...]

Much Ado About Canine Flu, and Other Canine Respiratory Diseases

With the pandemic struggles of this past year, you may have researched and learned a lot about human respiratory diseases—perhaps more than you ever wanted to know. COVID-19, which is caused by the coronavirus (SARS CoV-2) in humans, has become a much talked about respiratory disease. Did you know that dogs can also catch certain [...]

Sink Your Teeth in to Your Pet’s Dental Care

Caring for your pet involves more than feeding, walking, and getting them vaccinated. While some pets, especially cats, may seem independent and easy going, it's critical that you make their health and wellness an ongoing priority throughout their life. Many pet owners are unaware that their pets are suffering from dental disease, yet more than [...]

Keeping Your Pet Healthy in 2021: A Seasonal Guide

At Otay Pet Vets, we know how much you care about your furry family members, because we care about them as much. That’s why we’re encouraging you to advocate for your pet’s health all year long. While setting your goals and resolutions is popular at the start of a new year, why not aim to [...]

Prepping Your Pets for the Holidays and New Year

The holiday season is a time of joy, cheer, and generosity—and a chaotic time for our pets. While many of our holiday plans may be dialed down this year, helping your pets keep a routine with adequate exercise and attention is still important. Additionally, keeping pets safe and secure from certain holiday hazards is absolutely [...]

6 Ways to Shower Your Senior Pet with Love

In honor of Adopt a Senior Pet Month, we’re shining the spotlight on these gold-hearted, gray-faced pets who deserve to spend their remaining years with a loving family in peace and comfort. Whether you plan on adopting an older pet to share your home, or you already have an elderly cat or dog, these senior [...]

5 Tips to Turn Your Pet’s Halloween into All Treats and No Tricks

Although trick or treating has been cancelled in the Chula Vista region, your family likely will still celebrate Halloween. If your furry pal joins the festivities, plenty of holiday hazards can turn Halloween from a delightful scare to a terrifying tragedy. As the spooky season kicks into high gear, ensure your pet experiences only treats—but [...]

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