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Take a look at all our previous and upcoming events our clinic will be involved with! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at 619-421-1698 or email at

Upcoming Events:
June-Dental Awareness and Microchip M
July-Rattlesnake Awareness Month
July 25th- Dog Gone Fun 2023!


Dog Gone Fun 2022

This annual summer event at Otay Lakes Town Center had special meaning as it was also a tribute to "Chopper the Biker Dog" who was a former judge at OPV's best costume show. His untimely passing led to an amazing celebration of his life, the lives he touched, and contribution to the community. For more information about Chopper, visit his site at


Partners and Sponsors


A big thank you to our wonderful partners, we couldn't' do what we do without you!

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