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Traveling With Your Pet

So your pet is going to be traveling. We know it can be a difficult and confusing process but there is no need to worry, simply follow the directions below to get your pet ready to travel. We currently only provide interstate health certifications (traveling within the U.S. states).


As a friendly reminder, a health certificate is a team effort. Your part is to research all necessary documentation and requirements that will apply to your pet depending on your destination. Our part is to examine your pet and fill out the required documents that you bring for us to submit to the pet travel authorities.

Health Certification For Your Pet

Step One


What travel documents and requirements are needed for your pet?

 Step Two

If you are traveling via plane, be sure to give your airline a call as they sometimes require additional items. If you are going through a pet transportation agency, please be sure to give them a call in case they also have different requirements.

Step Three

Call to schedule your pets health certificate appointment. Print and bring all documents that you will need for us to fill out.

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